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How are things! I'm great!

The other day I was at an amzazing wedding in Copenhagen where two of my good friends was married. They had chosen a low key approach and only invited a couple of friends. Yes, no family. I think it was a bold move as everybody always you need your family for a wedding...

We met at at cafe, had a couple of drinks and took it from there. The cermony was at a near by dock. It was an amazing place!!!

We had dinner at their place afterwards.

It was truly an great day!!

Anne Sofe

The first of many posts!

Hi, this is my first of many blog post! And I have been looking forward to starting this blog as I have so many different things I would like to share!

One of my biggest passions are Dams. This migth seem a bit odd, but they fascinates me as they are so huge!!! It is impressive that we as humans can create objects of that size. There are so many ascept of dam design - it is amazing!

And a bit about me - I work at and I live in Copenhagen. I will write mostly about work and my passions like dams.

All the best and I will be back soon!!